So, you’re probably wondering where I’ve been all this time.

Well, first of all it’s Christmas (duh!) so I said I’d take a little time off.

Second, I don’t have any good ideas for a comic lately.

And thiiiird (the reason I’m doing this post), this is what I did a couple of days ago:

Threadless Donald Duck shirt. Go vote it!


Here’s the part where I ask for your help. You know that New Year’s eve is around the corner and I would appreciate a gift from you guys 😀

So, can you please give my design a “5” and if we get it to print, you will be rewarded 😉

Thanks in advance!


I get a lot of emails about this t-shirt, “where can I find it”, “how much it costs” etc…

Unfortunately this t-shirt was a candidate in a contest that didn’t win and so it’s not printed.

Also due to the fact that the graphics on the t-shirt must be placed on unusual places like the sleeves, the back and the upper part of the shirt (and not only on the chest as usual), I don’t know any online service that can print it and make it available to customers.

If you know a service that can print such a thing, let me know!